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Goats have really come up in society. It used to be all sacrifices all the time. Now it’s mostly youtube videos of them yelling and falling down.Good for you, goats.

Goats have really come up in society. It used to be all sacrifices all the time. Now it’s mostly youtube videos of them yelling and falling down.
Good for you, goats.

Chocolate and Glazed

I walked into that dunkin donuts like it was the saloon hiding some varmint who done me wrong. I approach the counter. I smile. “25 munchkins… chocolate and glazed only, please.”
The piano player stops.
Business people drop their briefcases and freeze, turning to look.
“…Only?” the donutkeep asks as he folds a munchkin box and stares me down.
I hover my hand at my side, ready to unholster my wallet. I squint. “Only,” I say through clenched teeth.
He sees the crazy in my eyes and fills the box. He’s not looking for trouble. “Thank you. You did the right thing,” I say, taking the box from his hands.
I kick open the doors and walk into the sunset as a plastic bag drifts by like an urban tumbleweed.

i had to attempt to log in 14 times because i forgot what email and password i used for tumblr. i had to enter a bunch of captchas because the internet decided i was a robot. i did all of this because you should really watch Going Deep with David Rees tonight and John Hodgman does a better job at explaining why than i could.


Start GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES this very night. 

14 years ago this summer I met David Rees for the first time at the COOLIDGE in Brookline, Massachusetts. 

Prior to that I knew him only from his self-published clip art karate comic entitled MY NEW FIGHTING TECHNIQUE IS UNSTOPPABLE.

Jay Evans gave me that comic in the spring of 2000 when something very sad was happening in my life, and I laughed so so hard. It was a good gift. 

So I invited him to this event I was doing at the Coolidge, and we have been friends ever since. But I do not praise David Rees because he is a friend, but because he a GENIUS.

Consider his body of work: 

—The incredible clip art water cooler war comic GET YOUR WAR ON.

—An instructive and actually moving book about PENCIL SHARPENING based on his ACTUAL CAREER as an artisanal pencil sharpener. 

—The hilarious series about domestic spying called CODEFELLAS starring the great EMILY HELLER

(I was also in CODEFELLAS, PS, because if David ever asks met to do something, I answer YES, and I never ever regret it.) 

Dude has made me laugh harder and think harder about life and art than anyone, and tonight he will start helping you to think CLEARLY for once about HOW TO MAKE ICE, HOW TO DIG A HOLE, and HOW TO TIE KNOTS. 


I really think you will enjoy this show.

And as always, despite your natural internet preferences for streamin’ and swipin’, I would consider it a favor if you could find a way to watch it TONIGHT on TELEVISION at 10PM on National Geographic’s channel, and perhaps let social media and @NatGeoChannel know that that’s what you’re doing. 

Throughout the day I will be sharing more of my favorite DAVID REES short films.

I am also looking for a place with a television in Maine so that I can watch the show tonight as well. 


Otherwise, that is all. 

signed, John Hodgman.

PS: Please feel free to retweet and retumbl this letter so that we can remain friends. I REALLY WANT THIS SHOW TO SUCCEED, and I do not make any money off of it. 



There are so many things to see and experience all over Japan, that it’s hard to know where to start. Japanese photographer S. Morita has decided to keep his eyes glued to the ground in search of the country’s awesomely decorative manhole covers. Japanese municipalities have been designing their own manhole covers since 1985 and Morita has been traveling around the country for years documenting these uniquely beautiful features of the urban landscape.

According to the Japan Society of Manhole Covers (yes, that’s a thing) today there are almost 6000 artistic manhole covers throughout Japan. And according to their latest findings, the largest single category are trees, followed by landscapes, floral designs and birds – all symbols that could, and surely did, boost local appeal.

With 6000 manhole covers out there, S. Morita has his work cut out for him if he intends to photograph them all. But he’s well on his way. Click here to view many, many more.

[via Colossal]


Reverse-SCUBA Tours


Reverse-SCUBA Tours

(Source: pdlcomics)


Have you ever noticed that you never seem to have quite enough hangers? Today we learned about an astonishing explanation for that fact, that is, if you happen to live in Tokyo. Faced with a shortage of trees, the clever crows in Japan’s capital city have taken to pinching wire coat hangers from accessible apartments, lots and lots of hangers, and carefully assembling them into nests. Viewed from the ground, the wire nests look like avant-garde sculptural installations.

[via 22 Words and National Geographic]

I’d like to thank Nina Simone and today’s #viewfrommydesk for getting me through today. 

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Shadow city #viewfrommydesk . #nyc #skyline
Here is a collage of photos of a girl struggling to take a selfie with a French bulldog. The girl is me.